A School Management Consultancy is a turnkey administrative and operational consultancy for schools. It offers the needed expertise to start, maintain and strengthen the status of new and existing schools.

This is achieved through consisting creating value, maximising growth and improving the performance of the school. Consultancies often provide subject matter experts and academic consultants to provide actionable advice to help the staff of the school develop specialist skills that they are missing.

Any person or party interested to start a school and who owns commercial or agricultural land or has the necessary capital to buy land, construct a school building, get required licensing and affiliations and incur the running cost of a school can obtain the services of a School Management Consultancy.

A School Management Consultancy provides end-to-end educational academic, administrative, operational and logistical support for K—12 schools.

  1. Infrastructure and affiliation guidance
  2. Staffing and training support
  3. Management support through ERP
  4. Academic solutions with LMS
  5. Marketing and branding services
  6. Curriculum mapping and implementation
  7. Strategic alliances with vendors
  8. Staff training and upskilling workshops

A School Management Consultancy Service for a K—12 school costs approximately 2-5 crores depending on a plethora of factors including the location of the school.

Note: This is not the pricing of the NextSchool Management Consultancy.

The primary objective of using the services of a School Management Consultancy is to make school operations better and more profitable.

1. The know-how of experts

A school hires the services of a management consultancy for its expertise and the wide knowledge of its subject matter experts and marketing executives to find solutions to the problems faced by the school. These experts have relevant skills and experience and bring a different perspective to look at the school’s problem than most people.

2. Saves time and ancillary expenses

By using the services of a school management consultancy, the school saves time and money as business management functions are outsourced to consultants who have the resources to execute them effectively. The saved time and money can be invested elsewhere to improve the school.

For instance, a robust LMS can streamline and automate the routine tasks of a teacher like course planning, resource publishing and report card generation etc., so that they can concentrate on teaching.

3. Accomplish short-term goals

School management consulting is especially beneficial for planning short-term goals. The marketing experts of a consultancy can conduct far-reaching, on-the-ground campaigns to drive admissions annually. Retraining existing staff, preparing and executing strategies, organising the workforce according to their strengths and weaknesses, prioritising schedules, etc. are best outsourced to consultancies.

4. Best use of new skills

Compared to hiring teachers with new skills or upskilling existing ones with new skills, hiring a school management consultancy is economical. This way, the school can learn about the new market trends, and teaching-learning methodologies and use this knowledge to stay ahead of their competitors.

5. Helpful in expansion

Expanding the current school or starting a new one, especially in a different market segment can be daunting. However, getting expert guidance to venture into a new market considerably lowers the risk of failure. In the worst-case scenario, consultancies can advise how to recover the investment from a failed attempt and bounce back in a better way.